who we are

BlackGrid Consulting is a full-spectrum professional technical consulting firm offering a complete range of tailored business and partnership development, engineering, and consulting services. Leveraging over 30 years of global experience in the private, defense, multi-national, and nongovernmental sectors, BlackGrid Consulting delivers winning solutions, expands business opportunities, and understands that collaboration and relationships yield results. With offices in the U.S. and Europe, BlackGrid Consulting quickly delivers a team of seasoned professionals with the right expertise to evaluate and execute virtually any project, anytime, anywhere. Find out more...

our focus areas

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Navigating the complex organizational structures and processes used by the U.S. and Foreign Governments, as well as Multi-National Organizations is not easy. BlackGrid's extensive experience with these organizations will help guide you to your goals.

  • International Business Development
  • International Infrastructure Development
  • Request for Proposal/Tender Development
  • Program & Project Management
  • Administration and Management Support

Global Project Scoping / Evaluation

The early stages of planning are critical to ensuing project validity and success. BlackGrid's team of experts apply their knowledge of planning, analyzing, assessing, and evaluating projects globally to support your decision making and project success.

  • Project Feasibility Studies / Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Logistics Infrastructure Planning & Evaluation
  • Healthcare Facility Assessments
  • Environmental Studies & Analysis
  • Site Security Evaluation

Engineering Design & Technical Services

Executing exceptional engineering design and technical services worldwide requires both skill and experience... doing so in austere environments, and difficult-to-reach locations requires BlackGrid’s unparalleled qualifications and know-how. Our network of International Engineers and Technical Service Experts ensure your plans become reality.

  • Architecture
  • Full-spectrum Engineering
  • Waterways Engineering
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Defense & Mission Critical Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Design

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response

Early planning for humanitarian actions and disasters is important to both governments and private corporations. BlackGrid's experience in humanitarian assistance, civic action, and emergency management programs means actionable solutions for today's most relevant and complex challenges.

  • Humanitarian Assistance Program Management & Coordination
  • Infrastructure Development/Support
  • Emergency Management Services/Analysis
  • Disaster-Specific Mitigation Design
  • HA Logistics Planning, Coordination, and Management

International Development & Sales

Integrating our worldwide experience in military operations, humanitarian programs, disaster response, logistics, and sustainable infrastructure development with our multi-national contacts in global markets, we connect your international business initiatives with practical opportunities and winning solutions.